Pavan Chilukuri


Very useful app for Photographers. It helps them calculate the shutter speed for a given focal length for Astro Photography shots.
Technologies: React, Gastsby, Material-UI, Jest
Developer Portfolio Template
A template for all the developers where they can simply build their developer profile.
Technologies: React, Gastsby, Material-UI, Jest
Burger Builder App
Users can visually build the Burgers by choosing the ingredients and checkout for purchase.
Technologies: React, Node.js, Axios, reactstrap, Jest
Parent Teacher Communication App
A web app and an Android app for a Day care school in Southlake, Texas. In this app, a teacher can share school events, children activities (pictures, videos and messages) to their parents.
Technologies: AngularJS, Node.js, Java, Android Studio, Android SDK, Gradle, JUnit, Firebase Database, Firebase Cloud Storage, Facebook API, Twitter API, Google Maps API, Google Play Store, Firebase Authentication
Ride Buddy
Carpooling mobile app for android users which served students of our University, Texas A&M-Commerce.
Technologies: Java, Gradle, Firebase Database, Google Maps API, Facebook API, Twitter API, Firebase Cloud Storage, Firebase Authentication, JUnit, Android Studio
University Events Portal
This application allows students to register for the university events. Based on 180 students feedback, the readability and responsiveness of this portal was best commended.
Technologies: AngularJS, MongoDB, mLab, Grunt, jQuery, Bootstrap 3, Node.js
Classifieds Listing Application
A single page application where users could create advertisements under any product category of their choice. All fundamental CRUD operations were implemented.
Technologies: AngularJS, Angular Material, Firebase, jQuery, Bootstrap 3